Federal Infrastructure Law Could Provide Key Funding for $700M-$800M I-35 Crossings in Downtown Austin

As the city of Austin’s plan for caps and stitches crossing I-35 near downtown progresses, the corridor program office is starting to think more specifically about how to fund such an expansive project.

The project would work simultaneously with the Texas Department of Transportation’s $4.9 billion overhaul of I-35 in Central Austin to create widened bridges, referred to as stitches, and decks, referred to as caps, over the highway from East Cesar Chavez Street to Airport Boulevard.

Mike Trimble, director of the corridor program office, said preliminary estimates suggest the cost to build the caps will be between $700 million-$800 million, including $450 million-$500 million for the cap structure and $250 million-$300 million for amenities and facilities on the surface.

“Really preliminary right now, and we really need to work with the community over this next year to start to develop what those desired amenities and improvements should be on the caps, and that will give us a much better understanding of what those cost estimates will be,” Trimble said. Click to read more at www.communityimpact.com.