After 25 years of providing timely, relevant Commercial Real Estate news and marketing client properties across Texas, REDNews LLC joined Real Estate Journals Company in August 2019. We continue to market client properties with creativity and innovation while maintaining cost effectiveness. Our focus is the commercial real estate industry in Texas. We are committed to providing exceptional service and developing a strong, lasting relationship with our members and clients.

In 2020, REDNews is expanding its reach by hosting educational networking events throughout Texas. Eighteen events are planned for the new year in Houston and Dallas. As we move forward, additional cities will be added to the roster.

REDNews Team


Benton Mahaffey | Senior Vice President

To put it simply, Benton Mahaffey manages the day-to-day operations at REDNews. He spends his days developing and executing our business strategies, ensuring we are fulfilling our short-term and long-term objectives.

“We provide a quality, unique service that benefits our clients and the commercial real estate industry in general,” he says. “What I love about the real estate industry is how much it changes. It’s very dynamic.”

Benton attended Baylor University for his undergraduate studies, subsequently, he received his Master’s degree from Texas A&M University. A Texan through and through, Benton appreciates all the opportunities this great state has to offer.

“Texas is probably the only place in the country where you can go do everything,” he says. “You can climb mountains, go off-shore fishing or attend a world-class ballet.”

Benton is also the father of two boys: one is a graduate student at UT’s McCombs School of Business and the other is enrolled in Texas A&M’s Professional Program of Accountancy.


Ginger Wheless | Sr Marketing Director, Texas Operations

The woman behind REDNews does it all, from selling ads to managing editorial to coordinating staff, and there’s nothing Ginger Wheless would rather be doing.

“I love the Texas real estate industry, always have,” she says. “It’s a survival-of-the-fittest industry. If you make it, you’re strong, resilient and tenacious.”

Those words could just as easily describe the founder and publisher, who has kept the publication afloat for more than two decades.

“I started REDNews in 1994 because of the need in the market,” Ginger said. “Even during the recessions – and we’ve had a couple now – it’s a challenge, but that need is still there.”

When she’s not steering the magazine, you’ll find the Houston-area native enjoying sailing, exploring mountains, biking through town or spending time with her family.

Sarah Evans Carter | Digital Marketing Director

With more than 20 years in Marketing and client services, Sarah joined REDNews in 2019 and currently runs the digital side of marketing properties. She believes strongly in customer service; delivering maximum value to clients by increasing the visibility of their properties.

Sarah graduated from Louisiana State University with a BA, and is an accomplished artist selling her paintings since the 90’s to a variety of markets in the Houston area.

Brandi Smith

Brandi SmithContributing Writer

With more than 15 years in journalism under her belt, Brandi Smith brings her storytelling and news gathering skills to the REDNews staff.

An Oregon native, Brandi enjoys exploring everything Houston has to offer: friendly folks, amazing food and lots of places to explore.

Ray HankamerContributing Writer

A runner, a rollerblader, a hiker, a broker, a reporter … Ray Hankamer has laid claim to dozens of titles during his decades in Texas commercial real estate. His years of experience make him a valuable contributor to REDNews each month.

Since 1967, Ray’s Hankamer & Associates and Southwest Hotel Management have brokered land syndications, office buildings, hotels, apartments, retail centers, farms and ranches throughout Texas, Colorado, Alabama and Louisiana.

Ray, a voracious reader and world traveler, also writes a monthly restaurant review and travel log.


Marjorie Gohmert | REDNews Editor 

Marjorie Gohmert is a retired English teacher as well as a voracious reader. She’s never far alway from her stash of pens and highlighters, as she compulsively edits any printed page as automatically as most of us carry on a conversation.

Formerly a Houston resident, Marjorie now lives in Mt. Pleasant, Texas. Around the twentieth of each month, we count on Marge to arrive in town for deadline. She scrutinizes every word in the editorial section, every calendar, every ad, and every picture and caption before we go to press. Once she’s been through all of our proof copies and is satisfied that the pages are as close to perfect as she can make them, she gives the go-ahead so that we can upload our magazine and send it on its way!

Marge is also famous for being the most amazing cook! If she isn’t reading or editing, it’s highly likely she’ll be found in her kitchen, preparing regular meals in addition to baking the desserts for which she has become well known. She doesn’t just stick with the tried and true, as she’s constantly editing her recipes as she cooks. She loves to try out new dishes ‘because they sound good’. Marge is the author of two limited edition cookbooks, Nana’s Kitchen, and Nana’s Kitchen Revisited.

Deadlines can be intense for a monthly print publication such as REDNews, however we look forward to the pressure-filled two days knowing that while the workload is going to become a little frantic, the counter in our break room is sure to be filled with delicious cakes, cookies, and breads!


Janis ArnoldContributing Writer

Janis Arnold’s writing credentials include: Daughters of Memory and Excuse Me For Asking, literary novels published by Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, numerous magazine articles, and literally hundreds of psycho-educational assessment reports and educational treatment plans.

These days, she’s writing literary mysteries (Shade Island and McKenzie Park) that feature characters and settings from small town Texas eerily similar to the Brookshire-Katy area where she grew up.

In between fictional projects, Arnold, who lives in San Antonio, works as a pro bono advocate for children with learning disabilities. Related to her advocacy work, she is writing Aleczander’s Story, a first hand account of how public education failed a little boy and how his community came together to rescue him.

A second creative nonfiction project is One Starfish At A Time, a series of interviews that revisits concerns about free appropriate public education programs (FAPE) and suggests solutions to the literacy crisis in our country.


Andrea Slaydon | Contributing Writer 

Andrea Slaydon is an Emmy award winning journalist with 15+ years of experience in producing television news and content writing. A proud graduate from Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas.

Andrea started writing news for the local TV station there and went on to produce news programs in cities across the country. She now calls Houston home and freelance contributes for magazines, businesses and other media outlets.

In her free time, Andrea enjoys spending time with her family, running, thrift shopping and trying out new recipes.


Sheryl D. Thomas | Event Photographer 

As the owner/manager of PlusCorp Photography, Sheryl feels like she only has one responsibility: to do everything that needs to be done.

Prior to starting her photography business, Sheryl spent more than 13 years in the commercial real estate industry. Although she was a licensed real estate salesperson, Sheryl held marketing and research positions with  international companies such as Colliers International and Cushman & Wakefield. Her real estate and marketing experience gave her a unique perspective toward photography.

“During my shoots I think about how the photos will be used. It is important that I capture the money making “cover” shot for my clients whether it’s an architectural photo or business portrait”.

Sheryl chose to start a photography business because it gave her the opportunity to apply her graphic design skills and learn new techniques everyday. “Editing is a BIG part of professional photography. It also happens to be my passion!”

Sheryl is reliable, detail oriented and resourceful. When not working, She enjoys spending time with her daughter and husband.