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After 25 years of providing timely, relevant Commercial Real Estate news and marketing client properties across Texas, REDnews joined Real Estate Journals Company in August 2019. We continue to market client properties with creativity and innovation while maintaining cost-effectiveness. Our focus is the commercial real estate industry in Texas. We are committed to providing exceptional service and developing a strong, lasting relationship with our members and clients.

In 2018, REDnews expanded its reach by hosting educational networking events throughout Texas. A full schedule of events is planned for the new year in Houston, Dallas and Austin. As we move forward, additional cities will be added to the roster.

REDnews Team

Benton Mahaffey | Senior Vice President

To put it simply, Benton Mahaffey manages the day-to-day operations at REDnews. He spends his days developing and executing our business strategies, ensuring we are fulfilling our short-term and long-term objectives.

“We provide a quality, unique service that benefits our clients and the commercial real estate industry in general,” he says. “What I love about the real estate industry is how much it changes. It’s very dynamic.”

Benton attended Baylor University for his undergraduate studies, subsequently, he received his Master’s degree from Texas A&M University. A Texan through and through, Benton appreciates all the opportunities this great state has to offer.

“Texas is probably the only place in the country where you can go do everything,” he says. “You can climb mountains, go off-shore fishing or attend a world-class ballet.”

Benton is also the father of two boys: one is a graduate student at UT’s McCombs School of Business and the other is a graduate student at Texas A&M’s Mays Business School.

April Daniel | Sales Director, Texas

April Daniel, a results-driven marketing sales professional with over 30 years of experience in Business to Business Marketing. April applies her knowledge of business, in-depth sales strategies and presentation skills to help her customers achieve their marketing and sales goals. April has received several awards over the years and is known as “The Connector”. She values relationships and has a reputation of “Connecting” people with the right people so that they can be successful. April received her degree from the University of Texas at Austin. When April is not in the office, you can usually find her in a basketball gym. Her family lives and breathes basketball. Her daughter is a McDonald’s All American and is currently attending College of Charleston on a basketball scholarship. Her twin boys, also basketball players are doing what it takes to follow in their sister’s footsteps. Her passion is photography so don’t be surprised if you see her with her camera and she tries to take your photo at one of our events.

Learyn Jackson | Business Development Executive

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it!

One of the frequent challenges we face in bridging the gaps of communication, whether it’s person to person, business to business, or business to consumer. Moreover, one of the things that fascinates me most about digital and product marketing. Understanding your consumer challenges how well you can effectively “speak” to them. Consumer theory versus the art of persuasion, if you will, which can be reflected and optimized not only in branding or social media strategies, but even down to a sales representative. Whether professionally or personally, I strive to effectively bridge the gaps of communication in a similar way to cultivate interpersonal relationships, bring about new ideas and solutions, and optimize and scale for future growth.

Brandi SmithBrandi SmithContributing Writer

With more than 15 years in journalism under her belt, Brandi Smith brings her storytelling and news-gathering skills to REDnews. Writing many articles every month, she is our top writer. The great thing about Brandi is that she is a journalist first and fore most. Journalism is what has driven Brandi since a young age. Brandi is as sharp as they come and multi-talented in the ever changing world of Journalism. Brandi continually worked at cultivating story ideas and sources.An Oregon native, Brandi enjoys exploring everything Houston has to offer: friendly folks, amazing food, lots to explore.

Ray Hankamer


Ray Hankamer Contributing Writer

A runner, a rollerblader, a hiker, a broker, a reporter … Ray Hankamer has laid claim to dozens of titles during his decades in Texas commercial real estate. His years of experience make him a valuable contributor to REDnews each month. Since 1967, Ray’s Hankamer & Associates and Southwest Hotel Management have brokered land syndications, office buildings, hotels, apartments, retail centers, farms and ranches throughout Texas, Colorado, Alabama and Louisiana. Ray, a voracious reader and world traveler, also writes a monthly restaurant review and travel log.