Diamond in the Industrial Rough: The One-of-a-Kind Offering Hidden Along the Texas Border

When you boil down real estate, it really just comes down to three factors: demand, supply, and location. The TexAmericas Center in Texarkana can claim two of those and this summer, when its new 150,000-square-foot spec building is complete, it will hit the trifecta.LocationTexarkana, which is nestled at the cross-section of Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and […]

One Bright Spot in the Houston Office Market? Medical Leasing

The Houston metro area has a long way to go until its office market fully recovers. Houston led the nation in overall office vacancies at the new year at a staggering rate of 24%, but there is one bright spot in the market: medical leasing. It’s perhaps no surprise that there’s increased demand and growth […]

“As Hot as We’ve Ever Seen It:” Texas Experts Pinpoint the State’s Industrial Hot Spots

At this time in 2020, it was hard to imagine that the industrial market could get much better. It was arguably already the strongest of the sectors when the pandemic hit. And while shutdowns had a devastating impact on other real estate markets, industrial only gained steam. “The Dallas industrial market is as hot as […]

Ari Rastegar, The Oracle Of Austin

Austin developer Ari Rastegar on how Covid will change real estate in large American cities forever… and how Texas is cashing in. He closed 11 major commercial real estate deals during the Covid-19 pandemic. This came after years of telling anyone who would listen how much opportunity there was in the central Texas capitol city […]