Twitter Imagines Brownsville’s Transformation After Elon Musk’s Multimillion-Dollar Donation

It didn’t take long for South Texas Twitter to have some fun with the news that Elon Musk is investing millions into the area. On Tuesday, the Tesla CEO announced his $20 million donation to schools in Cameron County, the southernmost county in Texas, as well as a $10 million donation to the City of Brownsville for “downtown revitalization.” Other Twitter users had suggestions for how the money can be used, like building a Pluckers or bringing back Mr. Gatti’s. Some even joked that Texas’ power grid wouldn’t be able to handle the futuristic vibes that Musk and his SpaceX will bring. Musk even chimed in on one suggestion. Only time will tell how Musk and his money will reshape the heart of South Texas. Click to read more at