Greg Miller: Count on the Texas Economy to Lead the U.S. Post-Pandemic Recovery

History has proven that the U.S. economy is amazingly resilient to horrific events such as those that occurred during the past year. According to ITR Economics, the recovery of the economy is progressing nicely — consumers are happy and businesses are buying capital equipment. However, there are concerns that excessive government stimulus spending will cause runaway inflation in the future. There were lots of winners and losers in the pandemic. Industrial benefitted the most with the dramatic increase in e-commerce. Costar reports that the industrial market is very tight with low vacancies and increasing rents.  Demand for distribution logistics space is at an all-time high. More and more warehouse space is needed closer to the consumer. The office market is struggling and may take years to recover as employees continue to work remotely until they have to return to work. Many Texas office buildings were already hurting with the struggling oil and gas market. Available office space is near record highs according to Costar. Click to read more at