A New Retail Sector is Beginning to Emerge from the COVID-19 Dust

With some businesses beginning to return to operations – albeit at a lower capacity than before the pandemic – the dust is starting to settle for the retail market in North Texas. While there have been significant job losses and financial hardships, some concepts have proven their strength. The retail sector that emerges from this crisis may look different than it did before, but the key takeaway is that the sector will return. The speed at which restaurants, bars, movie theaters, fitness clubs and other retail establishments were shut down was extraordinary. The resulting financial losses have been staggering. Several restaurant industry leaders estimate that 30% of locally owned restaurants will not re-open after the COVID-19 crisis passes. Move ticket sales in Texas are typically $200 million each month, but that dropped to only $5,000 in March. The founder of a popular Dallas restaurant recently stated company income was down 99%. These are levels that make it very difficult for any concept to survive unless its equity-to-debt ratio is healthy. However, there are some concepts that have not only survived, but thrived in this environment. Grocery stores, pharmacies and quick-serve restaurants with drive-thru lanes were the clear winners in the COVID-19 disruption. As business restrictions are lifted and consumers begin stimulating the economy, other concepts will come back. Though, we may not see as many of them as there were before – at least initially. Click to read more at www.transwestern.com.