Retailers have been navigating the shifting economic landscape brought about by the COVID-19 outbreak. The data collected during this unprecedented change in the economy can illustrate the effects of shutdown orders and assist retailers in developing a business continuity strategy for implementation. Portfolio Analysis: New data points since the pandemic have caused many retailers to pivot their business. Careful analysis of the new information is necessary to optimize a retail portfolio and develop a sound recovery strategy. Combining store performance data, demographics, marketplace characteristics, and financials will help retailers understand what areas are recovering after the crisis and what areas may provide opportunity for new investments. CBRE | Forum Analytics uses proprietary data and deep experience to help clients identify the right size for their businesses moving forward through economic challenges.

Useful questions to ask when optimizing a retail portfolio include the following:
What data should we be collecting and managing?
How can we assess the effects of the crisis on our portfolio?
What is the impact of the shift to online and mobile ordering?
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