1031 Exchanges Trends & Info for 2019

Regarding Section 1031 of the Tax Code, the tax reform laws enacted in the beginning of 2018 kept the use of 1031 Exchanges for tax deferral when commercial and investment real estate properties are sold but eliminated the use of 1031 Exchanges to obtain tax deferral when personal property is sold. Despite that change, 2018 was a record year for 1031 Exchanges. As we start this New Year, here are some of the trends, issues and key points to remember regarding 1031 Exchanges. Trends / Market Update
What is in store for commercial real estate in 2019? Many are predicting that the market will continue to transition from a Seller’s market towards of a Buyer’s market, or at least move closer to an equilibrium. Why? Properties are expected to remain on the market longer, meaning that prices may begin to decrease. Couple that with the fact that interest rates have risen, and it is at least plausible the market will begin to balance out. Click to read more at www.ipx1031.com.