One Retail Sector That’s Thriving Today? The Ghost Kitchen and the Ghost Franchise

Ordering food from a delivery app? The odds are it might come from a ghost kitchen. And if you don’t know what these are, you will soon. Industry
analysts say that these kitchens – which prepare foods either from online-only restaurants or from several traditional restaurants in an area – are becoming a big part of the U.S. restaurant business.

Ghost kitchens, at their most basic, are commercial kitchens that don’t come
with storefronts. They also don’t come with any physical dine-in or drive-through restaurant attached. Instead, they are spaces that restaurant owners might rent to prepare food off-site so that they can deliver it more quickly to their customers. A single ghost kitchen space, then, might prepare the food from several different restaurants in an area.

Then there are those restaurants that don’t have any actual dining or carry-out spaces at all. They instead rely on an Internet presence and several ghost kitchens across the country. These so-called ghost chains run no physical restaurants. Customers instead order food online where it is then prepared in a ghost kitchen near them. Click to read more at