However You Describe it, There’s No Cooling Down the Texas Land Market

“White hot.” “Very active.” “Extremely strong.” “Unparalleled.”

Ask Texas land brokers about what the market is like today and you’ll get colorful descriptions that boil down to one thing: competitive conditions even those with decades of experience haven’t witnessed in their career.

“I’ve never seen the market as a whole have this much momentum in synergy and velocity,” says broker Rex Glendenning, Owner of REX Real Estate. “Over the past four decades, certain sectors of the market have been extremely hot, but I’ve never seen all the different sectors of the real estate industry have the type of momentum we have here right now.”

Glendenning, who started REX back in 1987, thinks the post-pandemic development cycle may have pushed markets such as Dallas-Fort Worth and Austin a whole cycle ahead.

“What may have taken six to eight years has happened in two or three years,” he explains. “Families are moving to Texas. New companies and corporations are building their headquarters here.” Click to read more at