Pack it up! Chicagoland Claims Top Rankings for Most Affordable Suburbs

Suburbia has always been appealing, but the migration away from city living is maintaining momentum for a variety of reasons.

Many who made the choice to move away from city living at the onset of COVID-19 have come to prefer the relaxed atmosphere and lower-density neighborhoods to the hustle and bustle of a hub like Chicago.

But these luxuries come at a price. One might think suburban living is cost-conscious, but in some areas, it was found to be just the opposite — especially if you’re looking to settle in a suburb with premium housing, safe neighborhoods and a variety of shopping and dining options.

To find the most affordable premier spots, StorageCafe ranked suburbs nationwide. And Chicago’s suburbs? They stole the spotlight.

The Midwest is home to some of the most neighborly communities in the U.S., and its cost of living is friendlier than many locations, according to the report. Crystal Lake among the most affordable places, and rents for storage units make relocating even more appealing at around $100/month. This is much lower than in Chicago.

Algonquin, Elk Grove Village, Bloomingdale, Vernon Hills and Buffalo Grove are a few more Illinois names that made the list. Residents find these cities especially attractive because of the many outdoor recreation opportunities that aren’t as easily accessible in Chicago.

Wisconsin and Minnesota also have a few cities on the list, including of Pewaukee and Brookfield for Milwaukee and Rogers for Minneapolis.

Aside from the Midwest, the South is another sought-after region due to its affordability compared to places like California and New York. Homes in Dallas’ Southlake are nearly one-third of the price of those of comparable size in LA’s Laguna Beach — $1.1 million to $3 million.

Illinois and Texas, though, are no longer a best-kept secret and are in high demand because of their relative affordability and strong employment sectors, according to StorageCafe. California to Texas, for example, is one of the busiest relocation routes in the U.S., and 190 Californians are trading their Louis for Lucchese per day.

The preference of suburbs to cities is strong nationwide. According to StorageCafe, Pew Research Center found that Americans who prefer suburban living saw an increase from 42% to 46% over the last three years.

Because of the continued influx, the now-attractive prices might not stay attractive for long.