Dealin’ in Dallas: Near ‘White Hot’ Market Fueled by Capital, Retail Expansion

In retail, few things are constant, but one thing Texas CRE professionals can always count on is that more rooftops generate more retail demand. And those rooftops are going up as fast as they can in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. “Retail here is on the heels of white hot with cautious optimism,” says Jennifer Pierson, Managing Partner of STRIVE. “The reason I temper it a little bit is because we had such a robust Q2 and Q3 of last year and a robust
Q1 of this year, but we’ve just had our first interest hike and it hasn’t slowed anything down yet, but we’re wondering if it will.”

When she says robust, she means it. STRIVE sold 107 properties last year and already in 2022, Q1 numbers doubled.

“That’s a lot of product,” Pierson says.

That product is at a premium right now, according to Steve Zimmerman, The Retail Connection’s Managing Director in Brokerage.

“The supply of quality available space is very low due to the extreme lack of new development,” he explains. Click to read more at