Technology Helping Rental Properties Better Serve Pets And Their Humans

While sheltering in place during the pandemic’s depths, Americans sought diversions. For many, that meant pet adoption. Some 48% of Millennial and Gen Z folks indicated they intended to adopt in 2021. But ever since those pets and owners bonded, life has been anything but stable. First, many pet owners returned to the office, leaving Fido and Fluffy at home dealing with serious separation anxiety. Then, homo sapiens were back working from home, as Covid’s newest variant raged out of control. Next, those owners may be gone again, back to offices and once more disconnected from their pets.

What’s a pandemic pet – or its human companions — to do?

While the next stage in the drama is still unknowable, what many believe certain is the U.S. needs more rental housing that permits pets to live alongside their humans. Click to read more at