Reinventing The Rail District: Construction on Elm and Main Streets to Kick Off Frisco’s Downtown Master Plan

Construction to make downtown Frisco more pedestrian-friendly is planned for this year, beginning with major changes to two streets.

Frisco plans to spend $14 million on upcoming projects. The roadwork, city officials said, will bring the more than 20-year-old, evolving Downtown Master Plan to fruition. Business owners in The Rail District say they hope the plans over the next two years transform downtown into a gathering place for tourism and commerce.

In late spring, work on the city’s plan will begin as asphalt on the entirety of Elm Street is replaced with concrete, said Jason Brodigan, assistant director of engineering in Frisco. On-street parking will be added, and a new traffic signal will be installed at the Fifth Street intersection.

Improvements along Main Street between First Street and North County Road and work on a central Fourth Street Plaza will occur in the fall, according to Brodigan. On-street parking is planned to be removed on Main Street to make way for wider, 18-foot sidewalks. Benches, trees and more aesthetic improvements along the street will be added in this phase. Click to read more at