What Does ESG Mean For Developers?

Here it goes: The real estate industry is one of the top industries to blame for climate change and its mounting toll worldwide.

No matter your political bent or views on climate change, in the real estate business, the environment is about to become much more important to your bottom line.

The conclusion here about climate change isn’t a conspiracy theory or an attempt to shame developers. Rather, it is the consensus of more than 2,000 top real estate minds across North America expressed in the 2022 version of the Emerging Trends in Real Estate report.

Published annually by the Urban Land Institute (“ULI”) and PricewaterhouseCoopers, Emerging Trends is a comprehensive forecast for the real estate market and offers predictions about the forces experts say will drive development in the year ahead.

This latest report details COVID-19’s impacts on remote work and living arrangements, how cities are evolving, technology’s influence on the real estate market, and the financial implications of everything from job and income growth to interest rates and inflation. Click to read more at www.dmagazine.com.