How Gensler Architect Steven Upchurch Will Approach Dallas’ Landmark Gold Campbell Centre Towers

Gensler architect Steven Upchurch drives past Campbell Centre every day on his way to and from work. Despite being called the “fugliest” building by the Dallas Observer, the twin gold towers—flush with history—still manage to spark interest for the esteemed designer.

Located at the intersection of North Central Expressway and Northwest Highway, the first tower at Campbell Centre was built in 1972 using glass with a microscopic coating of real gold. The second building was added in 1977.

Cementing a place in American television, the buildings were portrayed as the office of Cliff Barnes—the nemesis of J.R. Ewing on the popular television show Dallas from 1982 to 1988.

But, as the investors who purchased the building (Fenway Capital Advisors and Waterfall Asset Management) put it, the building has lost some of its luster over the years.

Patrick Tribolet, managing partner of Fenway Capital, had been eyeing Campell Centre since pre-COVID and, about a year into the pandemic, purchased the 20-story towers. It is said the property sold for about $105 million, or about $120 per square foot. At the time (in April), it was the second-largest office acquisition in 2021 to take place in North Texas. Click to read more at