The Hartman Promise: Hartman Thrives in Texas’ Resilient Office Market

Anyone who’s familiar with Al Hartman and the team at Hartman Income REIT Management, Inc. (Hartman) wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the first award handed out at the 2021 REDnews Real Estate Awards went to the commercial real estate powerhouse. Hartman accepted the award for Best Technology Pivot for its adoption of NeedlePoint Bi-Polar Ionization.

“The ionization technology is capable of destroying 99.4% of Coronaviruses within 30 minutes,” Al Hartman, CEO of Hartman, explains.

Finding and introducing this technology into its office buildings is just one example of how the company has learned, evolved and thrived amid the challenges of the past few years.

“We’re very adaptable in our approach and we’ve shown that with good resilience through this pandemic,” says Anthony Trollope, Hartman’s Director of Interactive Marketing. “We’ve come out on top.”

The company’s success dates back more than 35 years when Al Hartman first started building his commercial real estate portfolio in Texas.

“The interest level in Texas has been very strong throughout the past decade and it’s only accelerated as a result of the pandemic,” says Hartman CIO and Executive Vice President David Wheeler. “A lot of folks like Texas for many reasons: overall business climate, favorable taxes, pro-business regulatory environment, and less reliance on mass transit. Those all became real factors during the pandemic.”

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