Retail is Already Making its Comeback in Quickly-Growing Houston, Dallas, and Austin

After much of the national economy came to an abrupt halt at the beginning of the pandemic last year, Texan leaders were initiating plans to start reopening the state as early as May 2020. Then on March 2 of this year, Governor Greg Abbott signed a sweeping executive order that rolled back virtually all restrictions and superseded federal guidelines about business reopenings and best practices.

And while there was some ebb and flow to the ongoing challenges for retail throughout last summer and autumn, commercial real estate professionals in major Texas cities, including Austin, Dallas, and Houston, cite the state’s early reopening as one major reason why these retail markets have been able to bounce back rather quickly.

But there’s more to the story as each city has a different landscape and retail demands. Texas cities were affected just like others across the nation, but there’s now a perfect storm of pent-up consumer demand, investor interest, population growth and a general business-friendly sentiment that is brewing and lifting Texan retail to new heights. Click to read more at