Towering Expectations: Subcarrier Communications Maximizes Profits from Rooftop Telecommunications

Have you ever noticed the telecommunication antennas on the top of your city’s tallest buildings and wondered, “Who takes care of those?” In many cases, the answer is Subcarrier Communications, a leading tower site management and telecommunications infrastructure support company. “We work with building owners and managers to plan for the efficient use of building rooftop space then leasing it to the telecommunications industry,” says Greg Weger, Operations Manager for the company’s Houston office. “We also handle the management of existing and future wireless infrastructure.” An important feature of Subcarrier’s services is negotiating with telecom providers on behalf of property owners. In-depth knowledge of PUC Rules and Regulations, Building Rules and Standards and industry standards are critical to protecting the properties while also recognizing the highest possible revenue. There is an abundance of contractual process involved with many rooftop tenants and fiber providers. And even after agreements are reached, there are ongoing technical responsibilities and access issues at hand. There are renewals, there is expansion of equipment, and there are escalation clauses, as well as many other technical contractual clauses to be mindful of. We monitor and deal with all of these issues which allow property managers the time needed for a myriad of other crucial tasks. Click to read more at