NestEgg Launches ‘Freedom’ To Give All Real Estate Investors Access to Affordable Property Management Service

NestEgg, a fintech software company that helps growth-minded mom and pop real estate investors reach their goals of financial independence faster with easy online property management, today announced the launch of their Freedom plan. With NestEgg’s Freedom plan, real estate investors are able to turn their long-term rentals into truly passive income with full-service management for only $29 per rental per month. This allows real estate investors to be completely hands-off much more profitably and saving on average 8-10% of their monthly rental income that typically goes to traditional property management.

The majority of mom-and-pop real estate investors today live within driving distance of their rental properties so that they can self-manage and avoid paying expensive property management fees. Now with Freedom, they can receive the benefits of professional property management at a fraction of the cost with a human rental manager that coordinates maintenance issues, collects rent payments, fills vacancies, handles all resident interactions, and more. Additionally, Freedom gives all real estate investors the opportunity to expand their portfolio with properties all over the state or country, coupled with financial benefits such as automatic rent payment on the first of the month (every month), and a six-month interest-free buy-now-pay-later option for property renovations.

Knowing that most real estate investors don’t have the time or confidence to do it themselves and someone will be there to take care of your property, regardless of where it is geographically, opens up a whole new world of opportunity. It makes a secondary form of income operate on autopilot without any real-time or energy being put in by the investor. Click to read more at