Mall Owner Simon’s CEO Sees Shopper ‘Euphoria’ as People Return to Stores

The biggest U.S. mall owner Simon Property Group says shoppers are getting back to malls, but that it’s hard to predict what traffic trends are going to look like one year from now. Simon Property CEO David Simon said Monday that sales and shopper visits are improving week over week, but it is still being conservative in its outlook because it’s difficult to know what’s going to stick versus what’s a short-term boost, he said. “Between being cooped up, between being locked down, between the stimulus, between celebrating that the country is still around … there’s clearly some level of euphoria around that,” David Simon said during an earnings conference call Monday. “It would be impossible for me to tell you what percent that is. … On the other hand, we’re still seeing pockets of the country that haven’t really seen that yet,” David Simon added. He cited California and New York as two examples where store traffic remains suppressed by Covid-related restrictions. International tourism has also yet to return to malls and outlet centers, he said. Click to read more at