Understanding Covid-19 Multifamily Trends: What’s Temporary And What’s Here To Stay?

The Covid-19 pandemic took the economy on a wild ride in 2020, and this is projected to persist well into 2021 as the gradual rollout of vaccinations continues across the U.S. The real estate market was also impacted with many operators having to adjust their business plans to fit a new reality. After a months-long slowdown in investment and development activity, real estate picked up in the latter half of the year, albeit with much of the deal-making and diligence being done remotely. Unsurprisingly, transaction activity has varied between different asset classes, as some (e.g., retail, hotel and office) have been more deeply impacted by the pandemic than others. For its part, the multifamily industry overall has continued to perform, and we’ve seen relatively little disruption in pricing or asset values on the whole based on the trades that are occurring. However, certain market and demographic themes have emerged during the pandemic that are influencing which assets are trading and where. In examining these trends, it appears that some are specific to the pandemic and are likely to revert once it’s passed, while others were emerging prior to the onset of Covid-19, which then only served to accelerate the changes. Here are some of the trends I believe will be temporary and others that are more permanent. Click to read more at www.forbes.com.