Diamond in the Industrial Rough: The One-of-a-Kind Offering Hidden Along the Texas Border

When you boil down real estate, it really just comes down to three factors: demand, supply, and location. The TexAmericas Center in Texarkana can claim two of those and this summer, when its new 150,000-square-foot spec building is complete, it will hit the trifecta.
Texarkana, which is nestled at the cross-section of Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma, is an often-overlooked distributor’s dream. Nearly 54 million people live within 500 miles, almost 10 million more than are reachable from the Dallas market. “If your goal is to access a large market, we’re a better fit because we are closer to the population center, as well as the geographic center, of the United States,” says Eric Voyles, Executive Vice President and Chief Economic Development Officer at TexAmericas Center. “Plus, you get to stay in Texas if you operate from here.” TexAmericas Center is a special purpose district of the State of Texas with the mission of redeveloping former military property in Bowie County, including portions of the Red River Army Depot, with the purpose of creating quality jobs for the region “We act as a not-for-profit industrial development and management company,” Voyles explains. Created by the Texas Legislature in 1997 and fully operational by 2000, the organization just marked its 20th year of operation. “What Texarkana needed was product,” says Voyles. “This city is in a great location. It has an available workforce. Our taxes, labor, and utility rates are all well below the rest of the state.” Demand TexAmericas Center delivered that product, becoming a high-quality, value-driven solution for the industrial real estate market. Click to read more at www.rednews.com.