Will Multifamily Investments Continue To Show Strong Performance?

Last year will definitely be one for the history and economics books. It affected everybody differently—for me, more walks with my dog, Tessa. I was even able to shed a few pounds—not enough, though! Working from home and not traveling meant more time with our families. Zoom, Webex, or Teams calls are the new norm and will forever change our private and professional lives. I know we all hope that this virus will soon be in our rearview mirror, so we move on with our lives and enjoy getting together with family, friends, and business colleagues to rebuild what this virus has destroyed. The commercial real estate industry started strong at the beginning of 2020. During this long-lasting and ongoing economic cycle, all the signs of another booming year were present until it was thrown into a screeching halt in March. Initially, the lockdown threw the commercial real estate market in a state of shock and confusion for a moment but low and behold. It offered some extremely positive surprises, especially as it relates to multifamily apartments. As a result, it manifested itself in the following capital market trends: An enormous amount of pent-up capital has made the pursuit for “for sale” product extremely competitive. Click to read more at www.dmagazine.com.