Getting Kenect’ed: How This Multifamily Concept Ushered in Evolution

Americans are spending more time at home than they ever have before as it becomes the hub for work, school, and most social activities during the COVID-19 pandemic. “If households need to think about working from home and caring for kids, how would shared space be repurposed?” wondered Dr. Victor Calanog, Moody’s Analytics head of CRE economics. “Should individual storage units now be offered as a perk in apartment communities?” Those questions for the multifamily sector, posed in March, are part of a discussion of the pandemic’s long-term effects and how the industry will evolve. Some parts of it were already starting that process, however. For the minds behind Kenect, that live/work experience was an obvious next step. “We saw businesses shifting toward a more flexible /remote work schedule and designed our properties to include a coworking space for our residents as well as our Kenect members,” said Rajen Shastri, founder, and CEO of Akara Partners, the development firm behind the Kenect concept. “The flexibility of working from home is great, but people still like having a place to go outside the home where they can connect with like-minded people.” Click to read more at