The commercial real estate industry is competitive and takes a certain work ethic and level of determination to succeed. I’ve had the unique experience of seeing this from a young age and have learned a few key components along the way that help brokers see success as they work to build a career in commercial real estate. Put in the work. Growing up, I always had family members working in careers related to commercial real estate – from brokerage to development and more, so my interest in the industry started at a young age. My dad, Kevin Erck, has been the biggest influence in my life and the main reason I wanted to pursue a career in commercial real estate. He was, and still is to this day, an industrial real estate broker, and I grew up witnessing firsthand his example and the grit it takes to be successful in the business. I’ve always loved the entrepreneurial nature of the industry as well; every day brings new challenges and opportunities and we get to interact and work with a wide variety of people and businesses. Over the past four years, I’ve learned that if you continue to dig in and expand your knowledge, you find opportunities to create wealth and grow it in the long term. Not only does the earning potential position you to provide for your family, but it also gives you an opportunity to make an even bigger impact and give back financially to your community and causes you care about. Click to read more at