Property Management Summit: 1/21/20

More sophisticated management services are being requested by tenants; more tech, more advisory, even fundamentals are being pushed to a higher level. Management services must become more sophisticated as tenants’ businesses become more specialized. Management employees are changing as Gen X and Millennials replace retiring Boomers; Boomers have been harder-working, while young employees are interested in more work-life balance; younger workers are more comfortable with tech; 60% of boomer managers are nearing retirement. If tenants and landlords request more robust and varied services, how are management companies to price that? Sometimes it pays off to give more without increasing the fees to retain loyalty to your property management group, but customers are usually willing to pay more if they see they are getting more. Property management services are in danger of becoming a ‘commodity’, so how to differentiate your company from the competition? Should fees be lowered or quality and quantity of services be increased? Don’t just get cheap on your fee-quality delivery of service matters the most. Click to read more at