The Next Generation

Commercial real estate professionals who have been scrambling to keep up with the latest building tech are facing yet another major game-changer — the pending arrival of 5G. Fifth-generation wireless, or 5G, is a major step forward in the continued evolution of cellular network technology. Its massive capacity will allow networks to accommodate a greater density of users at significantly higher speeds. 5G also has the added benefit of ultra-low latency — or, in layperson’s terms, super-fast response times in transmitting data — that will open the door to new applications in virtual reality, telemedicine, robotics, entertainment, and autonomous vehicles. “I think everyone has the giddiness that 5G is going to be the next big thing, and it likely will be simply because of the speed, bandwidth, latency, and efficiencies it can provide,” says Jeffrey Sheehan, CCIM, a senior vice president at the Site Selection Group in Houston. Yet a pretty steep learning curve awaits commercial real estate professionals when it comes to understanding 5G and what it means for connectivity and networks both inside and outside of buildings. Click to read more at