Oil & Gas Investing Redefined

What a 4th Generation Oil & Gas Entrepreneur has learned about the
Industry and the Cycles of Investing in Oil and Gas for our Future

Jay R. Young
Founder & CEO, King Operating Corporation

In the new shale-dominated world, we all know that the industry is changing. With threats ranging from geopolitical issues to the rise in electric vehicles and alternative fuel sources, we need repeat investors now more than ever if we’re going to stay in business. If we turn people off by doing deals in which they lose money over and over, why would they ever want to invest again? Given all of this, I knew I had to start doing something different about the way we did business at King Operating Corporation. The way the vast majority of oil and gas investment deals have traditionally been structured has left limited running room and little diversification. If something goes wrong—and in a complex system like drilling for oil, things can certainly go wrong—there are few ways to fix it without pouring more money into a literal hole in the ground. In these types of cases, it becomes nearly impossible for the investors to recoup their investment. Click to read more at www.rednews.com.