The One Best REIT To Own In 2020

As my regular readers know, I am a huge proponent of diversification, as I consider it one of the best ways to sleep well at night. However, as we roll into the New Year, I am fielding requests from readers inquiring about the best REIT to own in 2020. So, while I purposely fulfill that request, I must provide the following disclosure, and that is that one of the best ways to mitigate risk is to carefully diversify your portfolio. By diversifying, you provide yourself with insurance that if one stock blows up, it will not severely impact your nest egg. Digital Realty: A Data Center REIT To Own For Decades Digital Realty (DLR) is one of the oldest data center REITs in the world, having gone public in 2004 and as of Q3-19 owned 211 data centers in 35 cities across 14 countries. The company has global exposure represented in North America (77%), Europe (13%), Asia Pacific (7%) and Latin America (3%). Click to read more at