Helping Nonprofits Help Themselves

When we created Solender/Hall, Inc. in 1991, our expressed purpose was to assist nonprofits with their real estate needs based on my experience serving on a variety of nonprofit boards, including The Family Place, Mental Health America of Greater Dallas, and the Museum of Natural History (now the Perot Museum). Each time one of those organizations had a real estate issue, we had challenges with the brokers and other real estate service providers who were trying to assist us or with the owners of the properties we wanted to lease, buy or sell to. We decided the nonprofit community needed a commercial real estate company that understood its unique needs. With that purpose in mind, we developed a focus on the nonprofit industry and helping them buy, sell, lease, and manage their real estate. It is very complicated for us because, while we specialize in the client category, we don’t specialize in one area of real estate. Most real estate professionals specialize. Click to read more at