CREW’s New President Targets Gender Equality

In times of change, CREW Network’s new president Christine Gorham is aiming to be a tailwind to motivate and educate women in real estate. When she was little, she wanted to be a cashier or a banker. “I loved playing with Monopoly money,” Gorham said. This passion stayed with her throughout her teenage years, when she recounts planning to become a Wall Street broker and, eventually, through college, as she studied finance. She chose this major because “most people thought it was one of the hardest degree paths” and saw it as a potential competitive edge. At the time, Gorham’s plan was to work for a big company, get promoted and travel abroad. Christine Gorham is now embracing a double role in the field: Director of development for Caddis Healthcare Real Estate, which she joined at the end of 2017, and 2020 president of the Commercial Real Estate Women Network, now counting more than 12,000 members globally. Click to read more at