Capital One Survey: Multifamily Slowdown Not Coming Next Year

Don’t expect much if any slowdown in multifamily sales next year. According to a recent survey, multifamily professionals are ready to add to their apartment portfolios in 2020. The survey from Capital One found that 74 percent of multifamily professionals said that they would primarily be buyers instead of sellers in 2020. Just 19 percent said that they would primarily be sellers next year. The survey also had some good news for the Midwest: It indicates that investors are targeting multifamily properties throughout the region. Survey respondents said that secondary or tertiary markets offer the greatest opportunity in the year ahead. Capital One said that 40 percent of participants cited these markets as being areas of opportunity in 2020, with an additional 22 percent saying that urban markets presented the strongest opportunity and 15 percent saying the same for suburban markets. Multifamily pros expect 2020 to be a strong year for this sector, too. Only 9 percent of multifamily professionals surveyed predicted less opportunity in 2020. “Though the market prognosis was unclear earlier this year, the multifamily community is now more confident there will be a strong level of opportunity in 2020, even in the midst of potential changes brought on by issues like rent control,” said Jeff Lee, president of Capital One Multifamily Finance, in a statement. Click to read more at