Space Consolidation Leads To A Clean Bill Of Health

It may be behind the times compared to other industries, but the healthcare sector is finally starting to consolidate space. Better technology, cost dynamics, and other factors are allowing providers to do more with less. “It’s easier to be more efficient with your use of space than it is to go build a building for $500 per foot, not counting the price of land,” said Mark Montana, principal, Cresa. “That’s the biggest driver; they want to make sure that their expense ratios and their debt ratios are in line.” This consolidation has led to cost-effectiveness within the health group organizations, making service delivery more streamlined and more patient-focused. Shaving zeroes off the bottom line is by no means a new phenomenon, but the ability to better leverage technology is providing the means for that space reduction throughout the industry. More and more providers are offering telemedicine options, for example, whereby a doctor can consult remotely with a patient. This reduces the need for extra exam rooms and a physician group can shrink their overall footprint without sacrificing capabilities. Click to read more at