When Big Businesses Want to Fight Their Property Tax Bills, Texas Law Hands Them an Easy Way, Critics Say

As state leaders promote their property tax reform package as needed relief for everyday Texans, some Democrats and county appraisers suggest a provision in the tax code has stacked the system in favor of corporations that can appeal their valuations with a combativeness most homeowners can’t muster. At issue: a 1997 amendment, drafted by a prominent tax attorney, that critics say has allowed businesses and industries to lower their property tax burden at the expense of other taxpayers. The provision offers all Texans a way to fight their appraisals by arguing they were treated unfairly compared to other properties. But critics say large property owners have capitalized on it to drive down their costs while owners of residences and small businesses can’t afford to do the same. Click to read more at www.texastribune.org.