“We’ve got to keep hustling”: Fort Worth fights to make a name for itself


They don’t call Dallas ‘Big D’ for nothing. It tops lists like Forbes’ “Best Cities for Jobs” and “Best Places to Invest in Real Estate” or HousingWire.com’s “Best Real Estate Markets in the U.S.” It is the shining example of growth and development in North Texas. Therein lies the challenge for the city that could be considered Dallas’ little sister: Fort Worth.

The seat of Tarrant County, Fort Worth is the 16th largest city in the country, but its glow is often muted by the spectacle of big sis, Big D. At a recent conference on economic development, local government and economic leaders acknowledged visibility is a challenge.

“From a visibility standpoint and an informational standpoint, people just aren’t aware of us as a community,” said Robert Sturns, the city’s economic development director.

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