Recent Legislative Updates: E.V. “Rusty” Adams, Research Attorney Real Estate Center Texas A&M University

A number of bills passed creating and/or empowering MUDs and giving them road district powers.

  • HB 777: Effective immediately. Prevents the loss of open space ag appraisal while owner is on military deployment or stationed outside the state.
  • HB 1288: Effective immediately. County commissioner’s courts may contract with a broker to lease property owned by the county.
  • SB 345: Effective immediately. Certain municipalities may use certain tax revenue from hotel projects to pay certain hotel-related bonds or other obligations.
  • SB 550: Effective immediately. Deals with sale or assignment of tax credits for certified rehabilitation of certified historic structures.
  • SB 1086: Effective immediately. Prohibits a state agency from public internet posting of information that identifies taxable receipts of an individual business if they are contained in or derived from information required to be provided in a HOT tax report.
  • SB 1229: Effective immediately. County commissioner’s courts may contract for solid waste services in certain municipal ETJs.
  • SB 1365: Effective immediately. Use of HOT taxes for sporting event tourism expanded.
  • HB 807: Effective 9/1/17. Clarifies provisions relating to choice of law and venue for construction contracts.
  • HB 1774: Effective 9/1/17. Clarifies procedures and damages in deceptive, unfair, and prohibited insurance practices. Provides for an increase in damages.
  • SB 347: Effective 9/1/17. Regional water planning groups and their committees are subject to the Open Meetings Act.

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