CCIM March Luncheon: Jonathan Brinsden, Speaker – The Midway Companies


Jonathan Brinsden addressed the March luncheon and gave some insights on Midway’s development philosophy and a glimpse into some of its recently completed and future projects. Midway is best known for City Centre, and many of the elements of this development are being carried forward into the company’s new deals.

First, some of the Insights:
• We like to create remarkable places that enrich peoples’ lives
• Sometimes our capital partners cringe, but we like to do projects where everybody wins, including our employees, our tenants, and their customers
• When considering a project, we always ask ‘What’s best for the community?’
• We look for the best real estate that ‘is generational and has permanence of location’, which means it will just get better over time and will appeal to future generations-the mix must be disciplined so that a stable income stream will be created for a long time into the future

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