COVID-19 Response: Houston’s HI_REIT Focuses on Tenant Success

Editor’s note: This article was written in early April and reflects Hartman Income REIT’S (HI-REIT) response plan at that time, which company managers say will evolve as needed. Please read it as a snapshot in time and as an example how one Texas property management company responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. From hurricanes to tornadoes, the staff of Houston-based Hartman Income REIT (HI-REIT) has learned to weather just about any storm. But the one that hit in early 2020 was unlike anything the company had seen in its 35 years. As covid-19 spread from one part of the world to another, Hartman leadership kept an eye on the headlines.“We knew stay-at-home orders could take a toll on our tenant businesses, so we started assessing which businesses could be hit hardest,” says Shane Cawood, the company’s Director of Operations of Asset Services. “We began the conversations about what their needs could be and how we could add value as partners to help get their people and the businesses through all this.” “… reaching out …” With about 60 properties located in the greater Houston, San Antonio and Dallas areas filled with approximately 1500 tenants, that is no easy feat. Still, it was a priority for Hartman, which is built on “Exceptional Service + Inspired Values.” “There’s a saying that character is not created by crisis, but it is revealed. Honestly, I’ve never been prouder of the company for which I work,” says Mark Torok, COO, Secretary & General Counsel. “We are trying to go above and beyond what other companies may be doing for the benefit of our tenants.” Click to read more at