HOT SPOT: Waller County | Houston’s New West Side


Driving on I-10 about 35 miles west of Downtown Houston, it’s a blink-andyou- might-miss-it moment. A larger-than-life Igloo Cooler sits in the distance, marking the entrance to the company’s massive plant. It’s a very visual cue that you’ve reached West Ten Business Park.

It was one of the first premier business parks in that area,” says Brett Walker, executive vice president of Parkside Capital, which
developed the project.

Looking at it now, most developers wouldn’t bat an eye at picking up 500 acres with frontage along I-10, U.S. 90 and Katy’s Cane Island Parkway. It was a different story in 2008 when
Parkside bought the acreage.

“Some people would say we were crazy,” Walkerlaughs. “But in hindsight, we were ahead of the game.”

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