Building a Legacy: Bill McDade’s 57-year career


While much has evolved, the focus on relationships as part of real estate has not.

In 1959, the average house cost $12,400. A loaf of bread was only 20 cents and a new car would set you back about $2,200. That year Mattel introduced the Barbie doll and the United States welcomed its 49th and 50th additions (Alaska and Hawaii, respectively). America met its first astronauts that year too. It turns out, 1959 is also the year William “Bill” McDade got his
real estate brokers license.

In the nearly six decades that have followed, he has watched the industry ebb, flow and bust. Technology has developed rapidly, changing how he and his colleagues, like Boyd Commercial principal Mike Boyd and Cushman & Wakefield vice chairman David L. Cook, performed their jobs.

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