Forecast 2016 – Healthcare Real Estate Trends




Senior Vice President
Colliers International-Houston



Many 2016 healthcare trends will continue from 2015; but some trends will be more noticeable.  Overall, medical providers want to be more accessible to patients, provide better care and lower expenses.  For real estate investors who focus on healthcare properties, here’s a list of what you may expect:

  • The greatest demographic factor to affect healthcare: age!  Everyone knows about the Baby Boomers and the effect they will have on healthcare; but did you know 35% of all men over age 25 are considered obese.  The work/life balance is now more important than compensation.  As people age, they move closer to their children.  Family members are making choices for their parents.  The demographics in the U.S. will continue to evolve, so developers and landlords will adjust and put more emphasis on flexibility for their clients.

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Nothing plain about Plano: Texas’ 9th largest city makes the case for why it’s No. 1


Its terrain might be as flat as its name suggests, but Plano’s stock is rising as fast or faster than any other city in Texas. The community of 270,000 added a staggering 11,000 job to its economy in 2014 and 2015 with an onslaught of corporate relocations guaranteed to add to that total in the years to come.

“We’re a big city and we’re a strong community,” said Plano Mayor Harry LaRosiliere. “Despite being the ninth largest city in Texas and 72 square miles in size, we still have a sense of community and that really is a difference maker.”

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