HAA 2023 Hall of Fame Victor E. Vacek, Jr.

 Victor “Vic” Vacek was recently inducted into the Houston Apartment Association’s 2023 Hall of Fame at the Industry Achievement Luncheon & Annual Meeting. Vic was honored for his longtime commitment to Houston Apartment Association “HAA” and Commercial Real Estate which spans more than 50 years. 

Mr. Vacek began his involvement with HAA and Commercial Real Estate while attending the University of Houston in 1969. He was hired as a maintenance man by Fred Welling, with Wellco, who guided him into the apartment industry. Along with Mr. Welling, Ron Scharck of Timberline Properties served as mentors. Others who made an early impact were Wyndham Smith, with Vantage, who hired Vic as a Commercial Property Manager in 1975; and Tim Meyers, with Allied Orion, who encouraged his involvement with HAA and networking with board members in 1994. Vacek states “I am grateful for each of these mentors for proper guidance and encouraging me to take initiative and follow roles in organizations that helped advance my career.” 

Vic learned a strong work ethic as a child where he was reared by his parents on a dairy farm in Colorado Country, near Weimar, Texas along with his two sisters. Except for his formative years and his time serving in the military, all his years have been spent in Houston, Texas. 

After working for and with his mentors, Vic Vacek and wife, Diane, decided it was time to take the risk of opening their own business. Central Management, Inc. was formed in 1978, and continues to satisfy their new and long-term clients. 

Central Management, Inc. is a boutique commercial real estate firm providing full-service expertise in property management, development, brokerage, leasing, facility management, consulting, property rehabilitation, and construction coordination to their clients. The firm was awarded the prestigious AMO® accreditation in 1984, signifying CMI’s observed commitment to financial responsibility, reliability, integrity, and professional competence. Across the United States, Canada, China and Japan, there are over 500 AMO® firms that meet the most stringent requirements necessary to qualify for this accreditation. Attaining this accreditation was one of Vacek’s career highlights. 

CMI is a professional real estate leasing and asset management firm for the real estate investor who wants to maximize profits and maintain a depreciable asset for long-term appreciation. Professional management is the key necessary to reach the ultimate economic goal of an investment property. 

Given the growing trend of international real estate firms, CMI offers a refreshing and valuable approach to property management. Houston owned and operated with 45 years of consistent leadership, CMI provides rapid and responsive attention to owner and tenant needs. Since inception, CMI has managed more than 1 billion square feet of property including office buildings, retail centers, industrial sites, multi-family complexes, RV parks, medical facilities, government institutions, and non-profit organizations. 

Relationships form the basis of effective management, and CMI’s commitment to this principle is evidenced by 35 years of uninterrupted management of Diho Plaza, one of Houston’s premier Chinatown landmarks. CMI has several other management relationships nearing 30 years, including Goose Creek Consolidated Independent School District, Center for Hearing and Speech, and Hollyview Apartments. 

When asked if there was a secret to his success, Vic said, “I hope it’s not a secret and I attribute my success first to God, then family, and God-given talents. I know believing in and honoring the LORD has directed me to successful projects. Having the support of my wife, Diane, and my family has propelled my success. One of my gifts is being personable. I like people and enjoy working with people at all levels. A strong work ethic and enjoying hard work contributes to each project’s success. It’s a bonus to have long-term devoted employees, several of whom have been with me for over 30 years.” 

In selecting Vacek for the HAA Hall of Fame, HAA states, “Vic Vacek, Jr. is not only deserving of the HAA Award but his hard work and commitment to this industry speaks louder than any award could.” HAA went on to say that anyone who has crossed paths with Vacek in this industry would identify him as a role model

At this time in his career, Victor Vacek is involved with the daily operations of Central Management, Inc. and CMI Brokerage. He is known for being a hands-on manager, a hard worker, and a great communicator with property owners as well as tenants and vendors. Vic is still very active in Commercial Real Estate organizations including HAA and IREM (Institute of Real Estate Management) and serves on a variety of committees