Trez Capital announces key leadership changes

Trez Capital, a leading provider of private commercial real estate debt and equity financing solutions in Canada and the United States, announced today that after almost 26 years as chairman and chief executive officer, firm founder Morley Greene will transition into the role of executive chairman. Executive leaders John D. Hutchinson and Dean Kirkham, will serve as co-chief executive officers, taking over day-to-day leadership of the firm.

Trez Capital’s partnership continues to undergo changes that bring new perspectives, skills and varied expertise. After 13 years with the firm holding progressively senior positions and 20 years of experience in the home building business, Hutchinson joined the partnership in Fall 2021. More recently, in early 2023, Kirkham and John Maragliano were welcomed as partners. Kirkham joined Trez Capital in 2016 as chief credit officer and has since taken on increasingly senior roles, culminating in his most recent position as president and chief operating officer. Maragliano joined Trez Capital in 2021 as chief financial officer, bringing 25 years of experience in the financial services industry. With this executive team’s diversified capabilities, Trez Capital has the right leaders in place to ensure its future success. 

In his new role as co-chief executive officer and global head of origination, Hutchinson will continue focusing on the firm’s debt and equity origination business. As co-chief executive officer and president, Kirkham will continue focusing on the key pillars of risk and capital raising for the firm. Together, they will set the mission, vision, values and strategic direction of the firm. Additionally, Maragliano will become chief operating officer, paired with his current role as chief financial officer.

In his role as founder and executive chairman, Greene will continue providing valuable mentorship to the executive team, while also actively contributing to key strategic initiatives. Furthermore, he will prioritize fostering strong relationships with borrowers and investors, which have been an essential component of the organization’s success over time.