Silver Star Properties announces pivot to self-storage and the acquisition of Southern Star Self-Storage Investment Company

Silver Star Properties REIT, Inc. (Silver Star Properties), formerly known as Hartman Short Term Income Properties XX, Inc., announced that its executive committee has approved the repositioning plan to pivot the company’s assets into the self-storage asset class. As an additional part of this plan, the board of directors also approved the acquisition of Southern Star Self-Storage Investment Company (Southern Star Self-Storage), and it has reached a long-term employment agreement with Mark Torok, CEO, as it solidifies its pivot away from office, retail and light industrial assets into self-storage.

Southern Star Self-Storage is a privately held real estate company that specializes in the sponsorship and management of DST investments in self-storage properties. Established in 2019, the company currently operates a portfolio of nine properties, which together comprise 321,291 net rentable square feet (NRSF) spread across 2,526 units. Additionally, the company has two facilities, totaling 208,220 NRSF and 703 units, under contract that are expected to close by June 1, 2023. Most of the facilities also have parking for boats, RV’s and autos. The facilities generally contain both climate and non-climate-controlled units and are located predominantly in secondary and tertiary markets in Texas, Florida, North Carolina, and Colorado.

In conjunction with the acquisition, Mark Torok signed a three-year employment agreement with the company, with the goal of creating liquidity for existing shareholders through listing the company on a public exchange.

To align the interests of our leadership with our investors in carrying out the repositioning plan, Mark Torok and the members of the executive committee have been awarded participation units in a long-term incentive plan.