“She certainly leads by example”: Meet Edna Meyer-Nelson, our 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award winner

The successes of Edna Meyer-Nelson are too numerous to list. It’d take this
whole issue of REDnews! She came up in the male-dominated banking
and real estate industries, making a name for herself and eventually
founding The Richland Companies, where she serves as President and
Chief Executive Officer.

“A lot of young people today look at someone like Edna and say, ‘She’s
so successful. I want to do that, too.’ They have no idea what she has done
to get here,” said longtime friend Laura Ward, who is President and
CEO of Houston Children’s Charity.

Those close to Edna can share a variety of anecdotes to illustrate her
work ethic, but a favorite involves The Richmond Companies’ first building, a shopping center on Mayde Creek off of I-10 and Fry Road. The parking lot needed to be striped and, trying to conserve resources, Edna got up before sunrise to do it herself.

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