Dallas Is A City for Opportunists

Wealth, abundance, prosperity, and substantiality are our ‘gold,’
says Douglas Elliman’s Arthur Greenstein.

We hear about it every day – the interest rate is going up, supply issues, backed-up permit offices, and the pending recession. A lot of what you read might be clickbait, the doom, and gloom that draws our ever-inquisitive attention to the story at hand. The media faces the challenge of keeping readers gripped to the story while being informative about every market and submarket in the country. Writers often must choose between macro and microeconomics to share a more transparent look into what’s going on specifically in our state and even deeper for a more augmented look into our city.

We are not in good shape; WE ARE IN GREAT SHAPE!

According to the US Bureau of Economic Analysis, Texas is the 9th largest economy in the world. We’re the second biggest economy in the U.S., and our exports are higher than New York and California combined. Commercial real estate sales in Dallas Fort Worth are the highest in the country, almost equaling Los Angeles and Atlanta combined.

Texas, and specifically Dallas, is not just in good shape; it’s in great shape! Let’s dive into a few of the main reasons why…

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