Real Estate Syndication Platform, My Vertical Equity, Licenses Digital Transfer Agent Platform, Vertalo, To Launch Business That Issues Digital Equity of Real Estate Properties

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Vertalo, the digital transfer agent that connects and enables the digital asset ecosystem, is proud to announce the licensing of their platform by My Vertical Equity (MVE), which is focused on providing a platform for commercial real estate syndicators and investors to collaborate and invest. The goal is to make both capital and solid investments more accessible, liquid, and tradable. MVE is utilizing the Vertalo platform to create a marketplace of proven syndicators to be marketed to a broader group of investors. It will also allow current investors of syndicators to explore the option of working with others in the syndication space while still allowing the current relationship to be financially beneficial. The goal is to improve all aspects of the real estate ownership experience, and streamline the investors onboarding, tracking and exit experience for their real assets while moving an industry as old as time into the digital asset securities space. The platform will also simplify the life cycle of real estate including the acquisition, management, and sale of a hard asset. Click to read more at