Inspired By: Perkins and Will’s Transit-Oriented Project Feels “Like a Heartbeat”

The Dallas firm behind The Epic creates social infrastructure along the extended DART blue line just south of downtown.

Faced with an open site at the Camp Wisdom Station, Dallas-based architecture firm Perkins and Will had all the arrows pointing to one thing: opportunity.

Led by Design Director Ron Stelmarski, the studio recently wrapped up the $10.5-million legacy project in the historically underserved neighborhood just south of downtown.

The Singing Hills Recreation is the first of its kind in Dallas and conceived as a platform for social interaction. The Center is inextricably linked to downtown Dallas, offering expanded economic opportunities and social connectedness. Built along the newly extended blue DART rail line, the building serves as an arrival gateway and a symbol of a more equitable future for the area.

“When you go to an area, and it’s a bit underserved, they not only don’t have access to the health and wellness issues, but they also sometimes don’t have access to getting to a workplace,” Stelmarski told D CEO. “We’ve combined the wellness opportunity with opportunities for being connected to downtown and other jobs, and that amplifies the situation.” Click to read more at