Seeing Progress In Seabrook: Massive Highway Project

Look around Seabrook today and the signs of progress are clear. “The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and the City of Seabrook have the last buildings going down. All the necessary parcels have been acquired and the remaining buildings have been demolished for the footprint of the project,” says City Manager Gayle Cook. “Visually, it’s really made a change here in the past month or so.” The project, of course, is the long-awaited widening of State Highway 146 from four lanes to up to 12. Discussed for decades, TxDOT just got started on construction in February 2019. “They’re getting close to the end of Phase 1, which includes the widening of the Clear Creek bridge by adding one additional travel lane, plus a 14-foot-wide pedestrian and bicycle lane and utility work,” Cook says. In Phase 2, crews will continue work on the bridge, create a new southbound frontage road and build the bulk of a new express bridge. Phases 3 and 4, expected to be finished in the next five years, will rebuild and raise SH-146’s main lanes, as well as complete the express bridge and add more greenery and landscaping. It’s a massive undertaking in the community that’s about 30 minutes south of Houston. Click to read more at